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Happy Holidays from Sanibel Island

Posted by Danny Adams On December 4th

IMG_0439Well folks, it’s the holiday season on Sanibel Island. It’s about noon-thirty eastern time as this is being written, and it’s 80 degrees F with bright sunshine. Perfect. Great beach day with a light breeze coming in from the gulf. Maybe if you go to our website and click on “Live Webcam” you’ll see what I’m talking about, and just maybe get a whiff of that gulf breeze!

Sanibel Luminary is Friday night December 6th followed by Captiva Luminary Saturday December 7th. These are the nights that the shops, shopping centers, and restaurants celebrate the holiday season with food and refreshments for all along the luminary trail. For more information please click here.

Sure hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We did. We are mighty thankful for all you fine folks that support us and make it fun to work at our hotel. Seeing many of you guys year after year and watching your families grow up is very rewarding from our perspective. Sometimes tradition is a good thing. For you folks that are looking for something new and different; you are invited to book us and see what Sanibel Island is all about. It’s an island with no traffic lights, no billboards, no high-rises, and minimum hassles. Home of the best shelling beaches in this corner of the world. There’s top-notch dining with an island casual atmosphere. A couple of great golf courses, an island recreation center open to the public with daily, weekly, and seasonal memberships available. The beaches are not just for shelling, you can read, write, photograph, film, sit there, lay there, run, walk, and fall asleep and dream. When you awaken your dream is right in front of you.

See you early next year!


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